DFA Centre

The African Contemporary, Ballet and Contemporary Dance programmes offer intensive, focused training for talented, committed students.

African Contemporary

Dancers who show talent in African and Contemporary styles have specialised tuition four times a week (including Saturdays). They are drawn from all the communities where DFA’s Cape Town Outreach Programme has classes and as part of their training, the students are encouraged to appreciate their identity and traditions so they do not forget their background and culture.


DFA’s Ballet Programme offers classes to various ages (beginners-intermediate/advanced level). While the students on this programme are trained mainly in ballet, the aim is also to be able to combine the ballet programme with another dance form. They are encouraged and taught to understand how to strengthen their bodies and learn to work to their full potential. The majority of the students are drawn from the Cape Town Outreach Programme, as well as schools in the Athlone area.


The Contemporary Dance classes are based on the individual styles of the group of teachers and choreographers. Classical Ballet is also incorporated into the training to build the students’ technique and strength. The Junior Contemporary group feeds into the Senior group and to develop versatility, they are exposed to a wide variety of styles via choreography that includes Jazz and Afro-fusion.

Classes are held at our DFA Centre every weekday afternoon and on Saturday mornings and students are transported to class and home again in DFA’s busses. The training in the various styles is designed to improve technique and skill, and to lay the foundation for students to follow a career in the performing arts. They often have the opportunity of working with guest teachers and choreographers, and of performing on stage. They also attend dance productions in the theatre, when possible.