About Us

Dance for All (DFA) gives children the opportunity to experience the joy of movement while receiving a high standard of dance training. This training also empowers them with life skills, supports their personal development and opens up career possibilities. DFA is a non-profit organisation that is supported by funders, sponsors and donors.

DFA’s home base is in Athlone, Cape Town. We offer classes free of charge in the townships of Nyanga, Khayelitsha and Delft. With students ranging from the age of five to young adults. Through providing top-class training in a variety of styles, including Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, African and Spanish dance, we prepare our students to become versatile dancers who have the technical skill, discipline and grounding to enter a career in the performing arts. DFA’s programmes reach approximately 1500 students.

Positive social change

Most of our students live in extremely challenging socio-economic circumstances. Poverty and unstable home environments are common. While some have single parents, others are in the care of siblings or a grandmother. Some even have to contend with an abusive situation or alcoholic parents.

Through offering an enjoyable and constructive extra-mural activity that is open to all, DFA gives children and young adults a safe space to be after school. Experienced dance teachers nurture their talent, encourage their creativity, and give them guidance, support and affirmation. The classes also develop life skills such as discipline and confidence, which empower students to set positive goals for their future – whatever they choose to do. Many of our students have achieved great success and their stories serve as an inspiration to current and future students.